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9 AM & 1 PM (Español)

11 AM (English)

Monday through Thursday

Noon (Español)


8 PM (Español)

Holy Hour & Confessions (also by appointment) 7-8 PM

Join us for Fiesta for Flores


Sagrada Familia Apostolate

Offering hope through our open doors.


Tuesdays 10am-3pm
Wednesdays 10am-3pm


Our Mission

At Sagrada Familia we offer hope, healing, and guidance to individuals, couples, and families as we support their efforts to build purposeful and faithful lives.

Our Services

Free Pregnancy Services

For pregnant women, husbands, boyfriends, families, and friends to accept the pregnancy and the new life that has entered the world.
Medical referrals
Social Services
Referrals and connections with resources that are available in the community.

Family Services

Matrimonios Compañeros Program (Volunteers Supporting Couples)
Trained volunteer couples will support spouses that are struggling in their marriages.

Te Escucho (I Listen to You)
Caring volunteers will spend time with people who are experiencing transition in their lives.

Parenting Programs
Culturally sensitive programs to foster purposeful and confident parenting.

Theology of the Body Education
For teenagers and young adults.



Here are some of the center's financial and material needs.


We offer accurate information about all pregnancy options; however, we do not offer or refer for abortion services.

We do not distribute birth control. We believe that sexual expression is a natural, powerful way for two committed persons to share their love for one another. This action does not require medication or barrier devices if it is practiced between persons who are committed to one another in marriage and open to new life.

For married couples that have discerned about delaying pregnancy for serious reasons we recommend and offer to teach natural methods of family planning which are clinically as effective as hormonal contraceptives, without the cost, side effects, or religious concerns related to the use of artificial contraceptives.


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Contact Us

Please contact our executive director, Viviana Sotro, with any questions:
612-392-2421 - vsotro@ss-mpls.org