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9 AM & 1 PM (Español)

11 AM (English)

Monday through Thursday

Noon (Español)


8 PM (Español)

Holy Hour & Confessions (also by appointment) 7-8 PM

Join us for Fiesta for Flores


Our Needs

We serve a community that faces serious economic and social pressures. Many parents from the Latino community we serve have to work two, three, or even four low-paying jobs to provide for their families. The average monthly income for a Latino family of six is $1,600 - $2,000.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity!


Become a Hope Giver

Sagrada Familia needs 50 new Hope Givers giving a monthly gift of $ 50 or more to keep our doors open every day.

Hope Givers allow us to spend more of our resources on programs and services and less on pursuing needed funding.  

To set up your monthly Hope Giver donation click on the Donate Now button below and enter your donation in the Sagrada Familia box.

Adopt an Operational Cost

Utilities (electricity, gas, water, garbage) $16,758.00
Supply Expenses (cleaning, maintenance)  $1,214.00
Insurance (property, liability) $2,617.00
Municipal Assessments $970.00
License and dues $900.00

Support the Cost of a Program or Service

1 Pregnancy test and pre-natal vitamins        $ 15

NFP class for a low income couple                 $ 75

Marriage healing retreat for a low income couple  $ 200

Post-abortion healing retreat for a low income participant $ 350

Theology of the Body for a group of 10          $ 750    
Donate Here

Sagrada Familia Donation Wish List

At Sagrada Familia, we are grateful for the in-kind gifts or special donations that allow us to stretch our resources. The following items will help us to better serve those seeking help from our Apostolate.

Baby Items

Diapers (all sizes, specially 4,5 and 6)                New car seats (infants and toddlers)
New Baby clothing                                            New cribs
New Baby toys                               


2 Laptops


Mailing stamps
Gift cards for grocery shopping
Gift cards for gasoline
Cereal bars 

Water bottles               

For more information, please contact our executive director, Viviana Sotro:
612-392-2421 - vsotro@ss-mpls.org