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9 AM & 1 PM (Español)

11 AM (English)

Monday through Thursday

Noon (Español)


8 PM (Español)

Holy Hour & Confessions (also by appointment) 7-8 PM

Join us for Fiesta for Flores



If you have questions regarding our faith formation program, conducted in Spanish, please contact:

Mayra Santana, first communion coordinator:   msantana@ss-mpls.org                        612-767-2430

Enzo Randazzo, confirmation coordinator:       vrandazzo@ss-mpls.org                           612-767-2430 



 Many times we know people in our daily lives who are Catholic but either they or their children have not received the life giving grace poured into their souls through the sacraments.  The Church is a family, and within a family all the members want the best for the others.  Therefore we are seeking that our parishioners share the great gift of their life of faith with others in their families, friends, neighborhood or work spaces and invite them to the Church and classes of sacramental preparation.

If you know of anyone who would like more information on the process of receiving the sacraments of baptism, first communion, confirmation or RCIA (reception of the sacraments for adults) please fill out a form available at the back of the church or contact Katy O'Brien at 612-767-2431 or kobrien@ss-mpls.org

The Church relies on us to make the Body of Christ strong and healthy... be a missionary and experience the joy of Christ.

Previous event:

Holy Week 'Spring Break' Camp

During Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week, while Minneapolis Schools had spring break, the youth of the parish enjoyed a 'Secret Sacrifice Mission'.  Youth from St. Timothy's under the Youth Director Gretchen Sonnen came and directed the camp: learning about making secret sacrifices for Jesus with a smile through songs, time to enjoy the wonderful weather in the park, and arts and crafts projects.  As well we were graciously accompanied by Kids Carpentry under the direction of Joe Lichty.  To read about this project, read about it in the Catholic Spirit article.